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Joannes Késenne studies philosophy and psychoanalytic counseling at the University of Ghent (Belgium, 1973 – 1980).
After some years of experience and training contracts in the field of mental care (formation of remedial drug addicts) and adult education (culture theory and philosophy of art) – guided by the cross-over between psyche and artistic creativity – he gets in addition specialized in the field of psychology of art.

Currently, his chief assignment at the Provincial College of Limburg (PHL) consists in teaching theory of art, psychology of art and art news. There are many publications of art criticism (in various media and catalogues) and contemporary art exhibitions (among others: curating “Melancholy” in Z33 Hasselt in 1998, “The pillow of Melancholy” in the Museum voor Schone Kunsten Ghent in 2000, “Eva, Venus, Madonna” in a former nun’s convent in Maasmechelen in 2002, and so on) to his name.

Since 1997, Joannes Késenne cooperates as board member and guest professor on the development of the Higher Institute for Fine Arts Flanders (HISK). As chairman of the Commission of Fine Arts of the province West-Flanders, it is his mission to support, stimulate and promote the fine arts of this province.
His present radius of action is concentrated on the bachelor after bachelor education in art therapy at the PHL, as well as on the outsider project ARTISIT in Genk. Currently he is completing a doctoral thesis on melancholy in the work of Giorgio de Chirico at the Department of Psychology at the University of Ghent. Joannes Késenne is the author of the monography of artist “Dr. Hugo Heyrman” (2008).

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